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My name is Marie Sokolova. I was born on June 12, 2002 in Donetsk, Ukraine. I had lived there for six years. Then my family moved to USA. Now I live in Greenwich, CT with my dad Michael, mom Kate, my little brothers Sasha and Michael, and Luke, the Sheltie.

I study a lot and I love music. My school is Greenwich Central Middle School, where I also take violin lessons. I also play violin in Stamford Young Artist Philarmony. And at home, my dad teaches me piano and guitar.

I take art classes from Felicity Kostakis. She is a very good artist, and I am really proud that she is my mentor. Felicity teaches me everything about art. She makes me feel what I paint, and helps me to learn from paintings. With her I learn different art styles: Rococo, Impressionism, Academic art, Metamorphic style... I also like Chinese art, and I am inspired by the works of great Russian artists, K. Bryullov, M. Vrubel, I. Aivazovsky and others.

When I grow up, I dream to become an architect.


February 2011 The picture "Horse" has been chosen as one of the four CT Finalists in the VSA and CVS Caremark Contest "All Kids Can Create 2011".
September 2011 The picture "Binney Park, Greenwich, CT" won the first place on the Art Society of Old Greenwich Junior Sidewalk Art Show.
Albert Einstein. Pencil on Paper September 2013 The drawing "Albert Einstein" won the third place on the Art Society of Old Greenwich Junior Sidewalk Art Show.